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Inspired by an idea by red-rum-18, here is my own idea for an evil Lantern team led by Sinestro in nightshade475's DC mangaverse.

In order to distract the majority of the Spectrum Lantern Corps from his activities on Earth with the Legion of Doom, Sin-Es-Tro uses his resources from LightTech to assemble a small but deadly team of intergalactic criminals, and outfit them with reverse-engineered powersuits. Among these "Dark Lanterns" are:

Color designation: Green
Amon is a master of disguise, wanted on several planets for the murder and impersonation of high-ranking authority figures. Upon joining the Dark Lanterns, he is ordered by Sin-Es-Tro to impersonate the former lantern's deceased brother, Ah-Bin-Sur, to make it appear that he survived the Solar Impact Shell incident and had gone rogue.

Color designation: Yellow
Arkillo was once head of interrogation for the Spectrum Lanterns. Feared by criminals and colleagues alike, his prisoners usually asked to just be given the death sentence rather than facing Arkillo's brutish methods. It was only after Killowog joined the corps that Arkillo was finally called to question by the Guardians for his unorthidox means of interrogation. Found guilty for his actions, he was immediately sentenced to life in prison. However, Arkillo managed to escape, and vowed revenge on Killowog, the Corps, and the Guardians. And with Sinestro's help, he just might accomplish it.

Color designation: Blue
Among the many stories across the vast reaches of space, one of the most infamous is that of the Orange Serpents, a ruthless gang of thieves who were said to have stolen money and other valuables from over 1000 planets. However, the collective greed and ambition of the entire group was nothing compared to that of their leader, Larfleeze. Rumor has it that after their latest theft, their ship encountered a large serpentine creature the size of an Earth whale. The beast began to swallow the ship whole, with the crew still inside. While attempting to escape, they discovered that all of the escape pods had been launched, except for one. Unfortunately the pod was already occupied by  Larfleeze, who revealed that he had planned to cross paths with the creature, knowing it would devour anything it came across. While the monster was occupied with the ship, he would escape with all of the ill-gotten game for himself, leaving his crew for dead. However, as Larfleeze made his great escape, he noticed something he hadn't accounted for: the creature had a second head! Realizing he wouldn't get away fast enough with his spoils weighing him down, Larfleeze had no choice but to jettison his cargo. Driven mad by his lack of valuable possessions, and no subordinates to help him obtain more, he swore to do whatever it takes to regain his wealth... even working for Sinestro.

Color designation: Red
Known throughout several galaxies as merciless assassin, Atrocitus' lust for power was pratically unquenchable. So when Sinestro offered him power to rival that of the Spectrum Lantern Corps, Atrocitus was more than eager to accept. But unbeknownst to Sinestro, Atrocitus secretly plans to unlock the secrets of the powersuit technology, to create his own army of death and destruction.

Yrra Cynril
Color designation: Violet
An infamous bounty hunter, whose reputation as one of the fiercest warriors alive has earned her the nickname "Fatality." Despite joining Sinestro's Dark Lanterns for money, she soon comes to revel in her newfound strength and power. Because of this, she often has a lighthearted attitude about her actions, and often mockingly flirts with Green Lantern John Stewart.

Kari Murasaki (Carol Ferris)
Color designation: Pink
A close friend and co-worker of Harinezumi Jouon, and the only member of the Dark Lanterns not to have a criminal record. She was forced to join Sinestro's group by being injected with the mind-altering Despotellis Virus. Sinestro hopes to use Hari's emotional attachment to Kari to his advantage.

-The team's name is a reference to the Dark Lantern, a being Killowog became for a time in the comics.
-Amon is supposed to be the mangaverse version Amon Sur, Abin's son from the comics
-After Sinestro's activities on Earth are discovered, he regroups with his Dark Lanterns, killing Amon and making Arkillo the new Green Lantern of the team.
-Larfleeze being the team's Blue Lantern references his desire in the comics to possess a blue power ring.
-The name of Larfleeze's crew, the Orange Serpents, as well as the giant snake creature, are references to Ophidian, the entity of Greed.
-The Despotellis Virus gets its name from a Sinestro Corps member of the same name.


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